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All designs, collars, images and techniques are intellectual property with all rights reserved.
Copyright 2004-2016

Every Classy Critter collar is completely customizable!
We will make your collar exactly as you want.

Let your imagination run wild!
Your only limitations are the cord colors we currently have, and the beads we currently use.
But with 36 cord colors (so far!) and over 300 different beads that's hardly a limitation at all!

Change the clasp
With enough time, we can customize to any clasp size.
We currently have:
3/4" black, white or pink
5/8" black, white or pink
3/8" black, white or pink
3/8" black kitty break away
Note: If you do not specify a clasp color, most collars will default to 3/4" black or 5/8" white

Want a matching bracelet?
Any 2 strand design can be converted to a bracelet.
Pricing varies, e-mail for details.

Change the type
We can now do martingale style collars.
1/2" martingale - 5 inches long: $2 extra
(Suitable for all narrow designs)
3/4" martingale - 5 inches long: $3 extra
(Suitable for all wide designs)


Change the width
Any two strand collar can be three strands.
Almost any three stand collar can be two strands.

Support your team
We have footballs, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, volley balls, golf balls and bowling pins!
Just tell us your team colors.

Add some Charms
You can purchase slide charms to add to your collar.
You buy the charms, then send them to be added to the collar of your choice. E-mail us for details!

Add some Bells
For an additional $2 we can add a pair of bells to any collar.
Available in silver or gold.

Does customizing take longer? Does it cost more?
None of our collars are made up ahead of time. So unless you ask for something we have to order ourselves, your custom collar will be as fast as any other collar we make.
The cost will be comparable to the closest type collar we already have listed.
There is NO additional cost for customizing.

Fancy Designer Beaded Dog Collars for the Well Loved Pet