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What is a Critter Clip?

Its a leash extender, agility tab, or half of a coupler!
Critter Clips are short little tabs that you can put to many uses.
They have a snap on one end, and a ring on the other.
The beaded part can be made to match any Classy Critter collar.

As a leash extender...
Just clip it to your Classy Critter collar,
then clip your leash to the Critter Clip to make your leash longer and more stylish!

As an agility tab...
Just clip it to your Classy Critter collar,
then hold on until you are ready to release your dog over an obstacle.
The Critter Clip stays attached and out of the way while your dog runs.
It easier to catch your dog after the obstacle with a Critter Clip attached.

As a coupler...
When you want to walk two dogs on one leash,
Just clip one Critter Clip to each of your dogs' Classy Critter collars.
Then attach both Critter Clips to one leash.

All clips are sold separately, you must buy 2 to make a coupler.

All Critter clips are sold separately.
This image is of TWO Diva Style Narrow Critter Clips

Narrow - $8
5/8" width
8-8.5" length

Wide - $12
1" width
9-10" length

Please note: If your dog weighs over 50 pounds, please request a heavier clasp.

Send us an e-mail to order: quintles@aol.com

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